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About Me

My passion for photography was awakened over 40 years ago with an Agfamatic sensor - the one with the red dot. My first SLR camera was a Minolta SRT 303b a year or two later, which was of course gradually upgraded with various lenses, a Metz Mecablitz 34 and various filters. 

I could never really get used to colour negative film and very quickly ended up with DIAs - several magazines piled up in the cupboards, have since been digitised and the "hardware" disposed of. I was also very fond of black and white photography, especially as I had the opportunity to use the very well-equipped photo lab at school. I exposed several metres of Ilford 400 film and m² of photographic paper.

I followed the development of the first digital cameras with great interest, but initially didn't see them as a real alternative to my analogue SLR camera due to their modest photographic performance (and of course for budget reasons ;-) ). When digital cameras became really interesting both technically and in terms of price, I swapped my analogue camera for a digital one - another Minolta, a Dimage A1.  The choice of the Dimage A1 alone makes it clear that I had said goodbye to the "suitcase-sized" equipment and switched to more and more compact, yet extensively equipped models. I was simply tired of lugging kilos around with me and then messing up the lens change at the crucial moment.

In my opinion, the development of digital cameras in particular has greatly improved the focus on actual photography.  I am currently shooting with the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX8 - an MFT system that I have come to appreciate as a handy, technically excellent camera (just like its predecessor, the GX7). I also have three Panasonic interchangeable lenses (14 - 42 mm and 45 - 150 mm zoom and 42.5 mm fixed focal length) and of course spare batteries, a few memory cards and a mini tripod. This means I am well equipped for (almost) all visual perceptions, but no longer so minimalistically equipped. The weight has increased again.

For the "development" of my now exclusively digital images I mainly use Darktable and Gimp as software (of course under Linux as operating system).

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