Airports are designed to handle people - lots of people. If you are at an airport you'll never be alone, you are never the first in a line and waiting seems to be an essential task. Lots of languages can be heard and various other sounds are in the air. It is a busy place, constructed to bring the world from A to B.

Some weeks ago I need to pick up someone flying in I think with the last incomming flight. I was really surprised as the big halls had been nearly deserted, just a handfull of people. And it was as well nearly silent. An unusual feeling, somehow feeling lost after a kind of apocalypse might happened.

Take a look and get the feeling!





All photos are taken as RAW, developed in Darktable and processed in GIMP


Normally the Costa De La Luz is linked to blue sky, sun, long beaches, and happy holidays. But this could change especially during winter times.

Recently the coastline saw some more than heavy winds, rough water and in several areas big parts of the beaches just disappear. A day later I took the chance to have a look at the shoreline taking some photos. Some of those are shown below, some more can be found in my gallery.




These photos are all taken as RAW, developed with Darktable and processed (desaturation, adjustment of contrast and brightness, sharpened) with GIMP.

As we some month ago moved away from Germany living now in Spain I will change the language of my webpage from German into English to make it a bit more international.

It might be that in the future when my Spanish is significantly better I will move to additionaly Spanish as well. Perhaps as a third language German might reappear.

Noch ist mein fotografisches Schaffen reduziert, aber so langsam kommt es wieder. Daher hier jetzt wenig Text und mehr Bild! Alle Fotos entstanden während der letzten Tage und zeigen die Vielfalt an Motiven, die hier zu finden sind (natürlich auch woanders, aber da bin ich jetzt nicht). Diese Vielfalt, das Licht, das selbst im November mehr als diffuses Grau bietet, der Atlantik und natürlich die Menschen (und Tiere) lassen das Fotografenherzen schneller schlagen. Es kommt oft genug vor, dass ich einfach durch die Gegend gehe "Bilder" sehe, aber nicht die Kamera zücke, sondern nur den Moment geniesse. Es bringt Spass.

Hier nun die Fotos, die in RAW-Therapee entwickelt und mit GIMP bearbeitet (eigentlich nur Helligkeit- und Kontrast-Anpassung sowie den Ausschnitt etwas zurecht gerückt) wurden.





Kreisverkehr: 250mm, 1/10, f/5.6, ISO3200

Strand: 90mm, 1/1600, f/11.0, ISO200

Muschel: 300mm, 1/800, f/6.3, ISO200

Warten: 180mm, 1/200, f/5.3, ISO500

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