If you ask your self right now the question in what kind of period we are currently living, how would you name it? Normal? Strange? Crazy? Exciting? Distorted? New-Normality? I think it is difficult just to name it with one word, in the end it is all of those (more or less). Since beginning of humans we have never seen such a pandemic recorded, documented, and discussed by various of print, TV, and online media. The whole globe is affected to fight the virus, each nation in it’s own specific manner. Of cause, with the exception of some ignorant idiotic countries (or better leaders of those countries).

If there is a unique picture or symbol which would you choose? The shape of the virus looking like a naval mine? Yes, possible but I would favour as we call it here in Spain “Mascarilla”. It is a symbol significantly visible globally and it is also a symbol for the discussions about liberty. Furtheron wearing it, it shows us directly what we miss interacting with others. Essential parts of our face are covered hiding our facial expressions. That’s sad, really sad. There are even humans that use the “Mascarilla” as a fashion accessories. No, I will never see this as any kind of normality, if old or new it doesn’t matter.



All photos had been developed with Darktable and processed with GIMP.

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