It‘s a while since I published a post but I have still been active in taking photos. However especially during the last several weeks my motivation to review, develop and process these had been limited.

But now I took first steps to get out of this inactivity and browsed through my load of photos. Not really surprised I instantly identified a couple of pictures that grab my view because they show my current mood. Due to the pandemic panic paranoia we’ve been “arrested” now for several weeks. Doors closed, well locked and the possibility to meet friends, take a walk in the area or even stay at the nearby beaches weren’t given at all. It didn’t felt good, I haven’t seen such a massive restriction of my freedom ever.


All photos had been taken a couple of month ago in the beautiful town of Cadiz. You will find lots of old, new, well maintained and rubbish doors. These two caught my eye walking through the city and characterize the situation after so many weeks in “prison” – locked-in. The third picture was taken in a courtyard in one of the house I luckily had have the chance to see. Looking at it now it is a perspective as sitting in a hole looking up seeing the unreachable freedom of the endless sky.

Honestly when I took the photos I never had have a glimpse of a clue that they might show how I felt after so long been locked-in. The whole period being locked-in will have an influence on the mind of all of us. Nobody knows how and if we will ever come back to any kind of “normality” – what ever that means. I got a link to a blog-post (sorry it is in German) that describes the whole psychological circumstances very good.

All photos had been developed with Darktable and processed with GIMP.

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