Recently we'd been in the Jerez-Zoo one of the oldest in Spain. In the beginning the area was a freshwater depot build 1889 for the city. Step-by-step various plants had been planted in this area. Out of this a botanical garden developed (Jardines de tempul), since 1953 also including the zoo which is now called "Zoobotanico Jerez". Roughly 200 species with more than 1000 individual animals are visible.

Beeing in a zoo it is always difficult for me as quite often animals are kept in too small areas far away from their original habitat e.g. eagles in small cages not able to circle in the sky. Is it worth to keep them there us running around these "showcases"? Of cause I see also the educational aspect of it and it is a good place to take photos I am normaly not able to take.



All these photos are taken as JPG and processed with GIMP.

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